Slideboard Jackknife 強化核心肌群與髖關節的靈活度

Jackknife Dwyane Wade

在2010年NBA熱火隊球星Dwyane Wade的季前訓練中,有一個在滑板上腳步進行開合的動作(Slideboard Jackknife),除了訓練核心肌群之外,同時訓練髖關節內縮肌(Groin)的柔軟度。

在STACK文章[Stronger Abs and Looser Hips With Dwyane Wade]有提到這個動作的目的:

Knowing that loose hips and a strong core contribute mightily to explosion and vertical jumping ability, Dwyane Wade incorporates a dynamic exercise into his workouts to improve both attributes.

His off-season strength coach Tim Grover has prescribed a slideboard exercise that forces Dwyane to use his core stability and flexion, as well as his hip and groin flexibility—all simultaneously.

“When he brings his feet to his hands, it is a tremendous core strengthening movement,” Grover says. “And when he drops his hips and spreads his legs, it opens up his hips and also increases shoulder stability.”
(當將腳帶到手臂時, 帶給核心肌群極為嚴厲的考嚴;而當將髖關節放下,張開腿時,它會打開髖關節並且訓練到肩膀的穩定度。)

※ 可以與「Explosive Leg Press」搭配做為「Superset」來進行。

動作的話,請直接參考"Slideboard Jackknife“影片,一次進行3組,每組進行10次。可以拿起Valslide滑板或是可以讓你在地面滑動的工具來試試看囉。

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