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上圖中都是右腳,而在跑步時,你是屬於哪一種腳型呢?在《Anatomy for Runners》的書中談到「Supinator」與「Overpronator」二種狀況在跑步中足部的運作是什麼與原因,選擇一雙好鞋並不會改善這狀況的發生,而是訓練足部的靈活性與穩定肌群,增加對足部的控制能力。


If you have been called a supinator, you stay more towards the outside of the foot and have trouble getting your foot down to the ground. Stiff feet aren’t the best shock absorbers and stay more rigid throughout stance.

In fact, we see higher rates of stress fractures in the shins of these runners since they can’t take advance of the leaf spring that is built into their mobile arch.



Grab a LAX ball and roll away on the underside of your foot under full body weight. You aren’t doing this for a massage, but to create some movement for shock dissipation within the foot. Another tip that helps these folks it to focus on lading softer.



There people literally think they are doomed, but there is nothing to be scared of folks! Sure, runners with increased mobility have been shown to have more incidence of shin splints, Achilles tendinopathy, and stress fractures in the tibia and metatarsals.

(不用過度擔心,雖然研究顯示,這類靈活度高的跑者會提高以下發生的機會:小腿脛痛(Shin Splints)、阿基里斯腱病變(Achilles tendinopathy)的症狀,脛骨(Tibia)與蹠骨(Metatarsal)壓力性骨折。)

But it’s not because they move too much. This is why the term overpronation is just not accurate. Mobile feet have problem because the muscles controlling the twisting of the rearfoot on the forefoot are behind the ball.


They do activate, but too late to control the twisting of the rearfoot on the forefoot. Muscles inside the foot have to activate and establish a foundation before the bigger muscles can fire. Deja vu? Does this sound like the core example mentioned in the last chapter? Yes. High forces through unstable levers lead to breakdown.




And it’s not just about the foot. Ever hear the song “The Hip-Bone-Connected-to-the-Leg-Bone"? The body function as an interconnected kinematic chain – all the parts influence motion at other parts. The entire lower body moves inward and outward as the foot pronates and supinates.

The take-home part here is that things like weak hip stabilizers can actually create excessive motion at the foot. And poor foot control can likewise provide an unstable platform for muscles above them.


鞋子沒辨法改善足部運作的狀態,也沒辨法改善你肌肉控制的時序,這是你的工作。而你可以藉由「Toe Yoga」與「單腳蹲(Single-Leg Squat)」的測試來了解你那個環節出了問題。

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