SMRT-CORE 訓練設計的概念Micro Cycles

SMRT-CORE是由美國Trigger Point Performance所設計的,將「自我肌筋膜放鬆」的治療結合「核心肌群」的訓練。利用"Micro Cycles"的概念所設計的訓練方式,在每一個Cycle中針對特定肌群進行訓練,而每個Cycle中包括了三種動作:Lengthen(伸展)、Strengthen(強化)及Integrate(整合)。山姆伯伯剛接觸到,來做個分享。


■ Movement 1:Lengthen

Target specific muscles with self-myofascial release using a SMRT-CORE™ Essential. Applying self-myofascial release to a muscle group enables the muscles to fire more efficiently (muscles are prepped).

Why Lengthen ?

We cannot move muscle without affecting the accompanying fascial tissues or the muscles that share the same fascial line(下圖). What do this mean? Movement requires preparation and maintenance of myofascia (muscle and fascia) to ensure proper biomechanical function.


Applying self-myofascial release  to a targeted muscle group during the lengthen phase allows us to first lengthen the muscle group and open up the myofascial line to ensure muscles fire optimally during the training process.

Once self-myofascial release is applied to a targeted muscle group, the muscle group is strengthened with a core to extremity exercise or total body tension.

■Movement 2:Strengthen

Strengthen the prepped muscles with a SMRT-CORE™ Exercise or Total Body Tension Movement that focuses on the massaged muscle group

Why Strengthen?

Research indicates that a muscle group fires more efficiently immediately after self-myofascial release is applied. SMRT-CORE programming strengthens targeted muscle groups using core stability and strengthening movements that focus on training the body as a unit vs. isolating specific muscle groups.

Movement requires us to transfer force from the core to the extremities; therefore, focus on core stability during the strengthening phase is vital to train the core to function properly.

Once the strengthen phase is complete, the body is ready for the integrate phase.

■Movement 3:Integrate

Integrate the prepped muscles into a functional movement using a Total Body Tension Movement.

Why Integrate?

Functional stabilization is important to execute movements. Many people, including athletes, cannot properly stabilize the core during movement, which leads to muscle imbalances, injuries and overall dysfunction.

SMRT-CORE trains the myofascial slings of the core with Total Body Tension using gravity, ground force reaction and the GRID. Total Body Tension locks down the core, and requires force transfer from the core to extremities with steady, controlled movement.


簡言之,先透過Foam Roller進行自我肌筋膜放鬆,在放鬆之後,肌群的運作會更有效率,接著進行肌群的強化並且將核心肌群的穩定度整合到動作中,讓你在在進行動作時更有穩定性。

※ 肌筋膜放鬆之後,活動範圍(Range Of Motion)會增加,動作更順暢,可參考"運動前透過 Foam Roller 自我按摩可增加活動範圍“的介紹。

但每一個Micro Cycle到底是長什麼樣子呢?直接來看看實際的例子,以下每一橫列為一個Micro Cycle,第一列是針對股四頭肌(Quads)、第二列是針對小腿(Calf)、第三列是針對中背(Mid-Back)等。

Micro Cycle Examples


The combination of self-myofascial release, core integration and functional stabilization makes SMRT-CORE the ideal training program for athletes, weekend warriors and anyone wanting to simply improve biomechanical function during daily activities.


■ 參考資訊
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2. IDEA Health & Fitness Association
3. SMRT-CORE Personal Training Course Manual

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